Tariff Update

Some relatively good news has come in as Chinese officials declared that they won’t immediately respond to Trump’s tariff hikes via his Twitter account last week. As a result, the S&P and NASDAQ indexes jumped 0.97% and 1.30% before close on 8/29/19. Investors are taking this as a potential opening in the Tariff standoff between the US and China for negotiations. As reported previously, China will likely hold off from significant reforms until the 2020 elections draw to a close.

USTR Reports and Changes

Per their published and unpublished reports dating back to the second quarter of this year, the USTR has released more details for the oncoming sweeps. The reports and notices cover already known information such as the 10% to 15% hike affecting over $263 billion worth of annual imports from China. The publication date for the notice is set for August 30th, 2019 – exactly 2 days before the first proposed tariff phase on Sept. 1st (which precedes the second on Dec. 15th) affecting everything from apparel, TVs and monitors, agricultural and livestock products, and metals, and the largest product groups on the Dec. 15 list include phones, laptops, toys/games and other apparel.

Options with Unilogic

Knowing the oncoming hikes and the potential for some stability before the elections go into full effect means that scheduling can take place now with some control over financial and efficiency limits. We want to stress our value in providing a plethora of solutions with our warehousing and transload freight services. Your supply chain is critical. Our services go hand in hand with their importance. Having the freedom to store briefly or long term, go from Air to Rail or Ocean and more is something that can provide options both in the present and the future.