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Frozen Food Cross-docking Solutions

Now more than ever, speed and efficiency are paramount considerations in supply chain operations for all organizations. This is especially the case of cross-docking strategies for frozen food products.

Why is frozen food cross docking such a critical operation?

Run of the mill cross-docking operations involve the unloading of materials from an incoming semi-trailer, sea-container a loading these materials directly into outbound trailers, sea containers or flatbeds. The complexity of these operations is magnified when the commodity is frozen food-grade stuffs. Time and temperature considerations coupled with coordinating the proper refrigerated logistic equipment are a few of the factors that make designing frozen food cross-docking solutions so critical. When long term storage is not a factor in the logistic plan, expertly coordinated cross-docking operations are a must in order to avoid compromising the integrity of the food-grade commodity and avoiding costly delays.

We can help your company develop a comprehensive technology-based strategy designed to improve efficiencies ensuring that your direct-to-consumer frozen foods stuffs are cross-docked and on the road in the timeliest manner. Our portfolio of turnkey solutions involving drayage, OW strategies, cross-docking operations and final mile delivery make us the perfect partner in helping you design a supply chain plan for your frozen food business.

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