Case Profile:

Amazon and Multi-Channel Merchants

The Objective:

Using Unilogic for time-consuming tasks ranging from storage to fulfillment and final delivery while saving on excessive fees allowing our partners to focus on other growth drivers.

The Challenges:

Businesses are challenged with the lack of having the necessary physical space to store their products or the infrastructure to directly manage inventory. As a result, Sellers seek the services of a fulfillment warehouse partner where they can send their merchandise, and the outsourced provider manages ancillary warehouse services for them and the shipping of the goods to Amazon Warehouses or directly to their customers.

Our client is an Amazon seller who specializes in selling Steel-toe shoes.  However, as many Amazon sellers discover, Amazon warehousing fees are excessive as their fee structure is designed to encourage quick in and out movement of merchandise at Amazon Warehouses.  Our client was incurring excessive fees and needed a partner that could provide a storage solution that essentially would serve as a staging site for posterior delivery to Amazon warehouses on demand.

The Unilogic Solution:

Unilogic tailored a fulfillment solution that consisted of the receipt of the steel toe shoe boxes at our warehouse.  This merchandise is then segregated by size, model and color.  Unilogic manages their fulfillment orders and the shipping of orders to the Amazon warehouse. This solution facilitated the management of order staging, product overflow and stock replenishment.  Simultaneously this solution allows our partner to realize tremendous cost savings by-passing Amazon long-term storage fees while not compromising order fulfillment timeliness. 

Unilogic’s fulfillment services handle key inventory management, order packing, and shipping operations for ecommerce businesses. Utilization of this services offers time and resource savings on many fronts for our partners.  Outsourcing these time-consuming tasks to Unilogic allows our partners to focus on growth drivers like product development, marketing, and multichannel expansion.