Unilogic value-added service assembly and kitting solutions

In search of a distribution center partner capable of handling assembly and kitting projects? Think Unilogic!

 Efficient and expeditious DC operations are a foundational aspect of demand planning, yet often a major challenge for some companies. Space, labor, and time constraints can sabotage the most carefully planned inventory management and demand forecasts. 

 Unilogic adds reliability and stability to your distribution and fulfillment operations. 

Our scalable and customizable assembly and kitting solutions can help you optimize your production process and create efficiencies that turn supply chain pinch points into revenue drivers. 

Many companies are looking for ways to streamline their supply chain processes 

 When looking for a fulfillment partner, processing speed and accuracy are primary considerations. Additionally, a distribution center’s ability to perform light-to-medium assembly is critical in alleviating supply chain stressors. 

Unilogic assembly solutions are customizable and designed to achieve and maintain high throughput efficiency. Our solutions are individualized and repeatable and we get it right the first time. 

Unilogic kitting solutions allow you to combine multiple complementary products for sale or shipment as a single unit. Unilogic can manage kit component inventory, facilitate advanced kit order preparation, and reduce order fulfillment times. Our solutions are scalable so that your business can adjust to market volume demands and flexible enough to expand to include multiple kit varieties and SKU options. 


Streamline your supply chain with Unilogic

Unilogic’s ability to analyze, design, test, and implement scalable solutions will help you eliminate inefficiencies, reduce lead times, increase order processing speed, and exceed KPI projections.

  • Staffing 
  • Warehouse space 
  • Infrastructure and technology investments 


Cost savings of establishing a central distribution point

Unilogic s customizable solutions enable your business to outsource your distribution center operations allowing you to realize savings in: 

Unilogic value-added service solutions ensure seamless assembly and kitting options, improved efficiencies, and increased profits 

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