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Back in 2011, Unilogic’s partners started to conceive an idea in regard to the supply chain industry. As technology was changing the name of the game and the world was experiencing a consumers’ revolution, Supply Chain services were pushing big corporations to navigate towards a change that many were simply not ready to commit to: increases in transparency, use of technology, creative approaches to supply chain services, and more.

At the same time the increased demand of e-commerce in the fulfillment industry presented the opportunity they were looking for to become the help to navigate their customers through the perfect storm, offering both consulting and supply chain solutions, a robust and efficient connection between their customers and their final receiver. As businesses scale across the globe, their needs for a partner to help them get their products from Point A to Point B also scale. In 2014 that idea came to fruition as Unilogic was formed to become your unified supply chain services solution.

Jim Vargas

Director of Operations and Business Development
Jim is Unilogic’s visionary – With 20 years of operations and logistics experience supporting his objective for sustainable growth, Jim is the resource you need to help identify your business’ capabilities and scale them. Jim has a proven track record, and with his leadership and ability to develop and implement unique processes, Jim will execute solutions to provide gains in savings as well as deliver an innovative solution to your supply chain.

JonSala unilogic

Jonatan Ferrandiz-Sala

His capability to analyze the working environment and culture coupled with his international experience make him a fundamental key for projects as he adds humanism, effectiveness, and efficiency.


Jay Gonciarczyk

Executive Sales Manager
Jay is our Executive Sales Manager and is an essential part of our aim to bring Unilogic’s services to as many organizations as possible. His massive experience in sales and relationship management is critical in ensuring that Unilogic adapts to our clients’ needs and not the other way around.


LaRon Esau

Having begun in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry in 2004, LaRon brings nearly 20 years of industry experience to the Unilogic marketing and sales team. LaRon joined Unilogic Group’s sister company team in 2014. He has been instrumental in developing sales and marketing as well focusing on Unilogic’s brand and messaging initiatives as a Supply Chain leader across print and digital media platforms.


Shirley Muñoz

Operations Associate
As a Supply Chain Manager in Puerto Rico, Shirley honed her analytical and critical thinking skills. With over 23 years in Logistics and Import/Export Management experience Shirley Muñoz is truly an Operations guru.


Gabriel Montoya

Director of Transportation
Meet our Director of Transportation – with his nearly 20 years of experience in Logistics and Supply Chain management. Gabriel and his team have the solutions to keep Unilogic and its customers moving forward. With his knowledge of intermodal and domestic freight, Gabe will create a supply chain solution as unique as your business. With his honest approach, no matter the obstacle or challenge, Gabriel will create a process that demonstrates Unilogic’s aim of partnership and its commitment to service.

Unilogic Tenets



Unilogic is a leader in the supply chain market helping international and domestic enterprises with holistic solutions to become the most efficient and adequate bridge between them and their clients.  Through their experienced staff, Unilogic helps develop and improve its customers’ procedural and organizational systems by translating and transforming business strategies into results.


Our approach to our partners’ needs is simple: we are an ideas company so we creatively seek solutions that fit their needs individually. Big or small, we approach each and every one of clients with the commitment to meet your goals and enhance our relationship. The same goes for our internal team. We believe and invest in human capital. Our partners are not just our clients – they are our employees as well. We keep the lines of communication open, focus on culture and leadership and invest in developing it.


We refer to our clients as partners because our goal is to become a division of your company. In doing so, we strive for maximum efficiency, offering options that best suit your needs, scheduling and financial profiles. Unilogic is committed to being supply chain solution provider you can rely on.

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