Unilogic’s Mission Statement

Unilogic is a leader in the supply chain market helping international and domestic enterprises with holistic solutions to become the most efficient and adequate bridge between them and their clients.  Through their experienced staff, Unilogic helps develop and improve its customers’ procedural and organizational systems by translating and transforming business strategies into results.


Whether you are an Amazon FBA/FBM vendor or a logistics company transloading containers going from rail to air – we have the storage solutions you need.


Transloading means options and options means we give you power over your scheduling and financial goals as prepare your cargo for final delivery.


A modern industry requires modern solution. We will help you with storage, inventory management, pick and pack, shipping and more.

Cross Dock

Have material headed to different destinations? Or have cargo coming from multiple places that needs combining with little to no storage? We can help you with exactly that.


We can help ensure you maximize your shipping efficiency with our assembly/kitting services as we offer you the option to assembly or kit any of your material.


Our trucking services include Intermodal Dray, Flatbed, Dry Van FTL and LTL. Whatever your needs to and from our warehouse – we’re prepared to help get it on the road as needed.

Service Guarantees

Our services come with a commitment to ensuring that your experiences with us is excellent. We believe that what truly sets us apart are the following facets of our services that you will see in each and every experience with Unilogic.