Case Profile:

Container Freight Station (CFS) warehouses play a very important part of the Supply Chain.


What is a CFS?

A Container Freight Station is a facility where ocean or air freight can be transferred directly from the destination port or airport. These warehouses can be used as temporary storage for freight before it enters or leaves the country.

When a shipping order is less than a container load, it is often more effective to combine that load in a container with other freight heading to a similar destination. In effect, a CFS warehouse is a facility where freight can be collected, stored and wait to be shipped to the next location.

It is a bonded facility in the sense that the warehouse has been certified by the U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to receive goods directly from the port or airport while still under a customs bond. The freight can be held at the bonded warehouse while Customs clearance is pending.

The Unilogic Solution:

Time sensitive, safe storage and efficient shipping of your freight!

  • Air freight shipments can be taken directly from the airport and broken down for final delivery to multiple destinations. Usually within just a few hours.
  • Increase your supply chain efficiency. Unilogic’s CFS warehouse service is the solution if your supply chain involves the routine import or export of goods that are Less than Container Loads and require short-term storage before being broken down, repackaged and prepared for delivery to final destinations.
  • Ocean or air freight consolidations can be moved directly from the port to Unilogic’s bonded CFS warehouse where it can be broken down quickly and prepared for final mile delivery to multiple destinations.
  • Unilogic’s CFS fee structure is unmatched in the industry. Many CFS facilities have exorbitant and prohibitive fees that cut into the cost-effectiveness of consolidation/deconsolidation services. Without compromising efficiency or service Unilogic can tailor a program to your needs.

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