Case Profile:

Partners that export frozen-food goods.

The Objective:

These partners look for a solution to help them maximize cargo weight on containers and to improve their shipping process time.

The Challenges:

Frozen Food Exports and Imports are faced with challenges on several fronts. The traditional shipping plan for these companies involves local transportation (dray) of a sea container from the Chicago area to their food processing plants, often in different states (Nebraska, Wisconsin etc.). This presents a challenge as these companies incur ineffective dray expenses. Secondly, at their facilities, these companies are faced with the additional challenge of being limited with how much of their product they can load into a sea container. DOT, also, has load weight limitations on Interstate roads (typically around 38,000 lbs. can be legally trucked).

The Unilogic Solution:

Unilogic employs a shipping solution not commonly associated with the Midwest. At our warehouse we receive multiple refrigerated trucks from our frozen foods partners. Unilogic Group is able to consolidate these trucks by loading them heavy (over-weight) into refrigerated sea containers.

Unilogic has the ability to legally transport overweight containers onto the rail ramp on Illinois’ roadways.

As one of the first Chicago area full-service warehouses to offer this solution Unilogic can load refrigerated containers up to 55,000 lbs. and legally transport them to the rail ramps.

This solution, normally associated with port city warehouses, allows our partners to save thousands of dollars per year – essentially allowing them to ship 17,000 extra pounds per shipping container while maintaining the shipping cost on-line.

 In effect, for every 5 containers shipped at the overweight limit of 55,000 lbs. our partner saves the equivalent of the shipping cost of 1 1/2 sea containers (roughly $3,000). Magnified over hundreds of containers shipped in a year this is an enormous cost savings.