E-commerce and direct-to-consumer solutions are more important than ever. 

E-commerce and direct-to-consumer

E-commerce is simply the buying and selling of products or services via the Internet. Many people have become accustomed to this form of shopping.

With the help of electronic systems, today’s shoppers can purchase just about everything online. This on-demand convenience has allowed global e-commerce to skyrocket, with sales projected to reach $5 trillion by 2023.

Unilogic’s Pallet Racket Systems

They call it pallet racking because most of your materials and/or products come in the form of pallets. Therefore, when this industry came into being, what most people were looking to store were pallets of their particular products. The original design of the storage units is for racking pallets. The industry, by proxy, call these industrial shelving units pallet racks.


These tasks may include restocking shelves, processing orders, packing, counting inventory, and accepting incoming orders. They may not be the hardest tasks in the world, but they can be time-consuming. And while it may seem like an exaggeration, failure to accomplish these tasks promptly often leads to a loss of revenue.


Key Terms / Precision stock control

Pick and pack – business to customer

Through pallet, tray, and box racking, the storage and retrieval of massive loads and quantities of finished goods via forklift trucks, combined with lean management of returned orders space and reorder points, provides great efficiency for e-commerce operations.

If you are a logistics professional in the eCommerce warehousing field, you are in a high-growth industry. Some experts estimate that the activity has tripled in the last six years and is poised for further growth in the future.

Automation and innovation are critical to success not only in today’s environment but also to position your company for the future. With customers demanding faster delivery to an increasing number of locations and transparency in on-time delivery status, the purchase-to-delivery cycle is shorter than ever before.

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