Unilogic Case Study

Reusable Plastic Containers

See how our Reusable Plastic Containers partners benefited from a relationship with Unilogic and our supply chain solutions.


The Objective:

Provide an efficient distribution point for flexible on-demand storage and distribution services for a client dealing with a particular product that also required cleaning and maintenance.

The Challenges:

RPC’s are manufactured in different sizes and configurations according to manufacturer specifications and end user needs. As a result, a store chain’s location at any given moment will have a wide variety of RPC’s that have been used to ship all types of goods. When these RPC’s are collected and returned to the distribution center this situation is magnified by container after container of RPC’s that need to be sorted.

Additionally, as these containers often ship perishable food commodities there is an inherent need for cleaning and sanitizing. Our manufacturer and store chain partners do not have the local infrastructure to handle these tasks. An additional challenge is that a particular store chain may have RPC’s that are made by several different manufacturers. As a result, thousands of RPC’s in varying sizes, states of repair and cleanliness can come through the doors of a chain’s distribution center per week. Our client, as is the case with many, on occasions order more material than they have the warehouse capacity to manage. This client ramped up orders in anticipation of more than $200 billion in planned tariffs levied by the federal government on certain products and commodities from China.

The Unilogic Solution:

Unilogic’s warehouse services coordinates the inbound receipt of trailers loaded with RPC’s of all sizes and all conditions. These trailers are devanned, RPC’s are then segregated by size, model and/or manufacturer. RPC’s that are in disrepair are separated and palletized. The sorted and organized pallets can then be sent for
sanitation or prepared for outbound and ultimate reintegration.

This solution facilitated the management of order segregation and sorting. Product flow is also efficiently handled for our partners allowing them to get their end products to their point of sale locations. This is especially essential as perishable goods are involved. This help create a 20% increase in production for a local facility.

With the growing demand for next-day delivery services, which can often make or break customers’ order decision has driven Unilogic to become a niche market expert in providing contractually flexible and/or long term solutions that allow our partners to have their goods on hand and deliverable to their clients on-demand.

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