Customs and Compliance

Customs compliance is the practice of following all regulations on imports and exports. As companies grow in the international market this is an important aspect, one that is all too often ignored. As technology evolves, customs laws and regulations will change as well. Unilogic is your partner in navigating import/export complexities, helping companies to stay ahead of the curve.

The History of Customs

According to W2C, customs originally began in the 1990’s and were manually created on paper. They then went through a checking and verification process. The documents were given to a customs officer to go through. As the world evolved, this process become inefficient. Therefore, it had to go through changes to match up with the modern economy. With the changes, there had to be incentives to encourage companies to comply with certain standards. In 2002 the Administrative Monetary Penalty System became implemented. This system imposed monetary penalties if any violation of the Customs Act occurred. There’s a large importance on the importer to keep up with and check custom declarations before shipping out goods to foreign countries. Beforehand, importers must check product classification, anti-dumping duties, taxes, and government restrictions on their shipments. They must then provide their customs broker with all of the information. Unilogic works diligently to keep up with all customs information both foreign and domestic.

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Unilogic’s Approach

Unilogic offers services to companies both domestic and international. For this reason, they remain to stay up to date on all rules and regulations both in the United States and overseas. They offer storage, transloading, fulfillment, cross dock, assembly and kitting, and transportation. In terms of transloading and transportation, the Unilogic team must stay up to date on all custom compliances. Due to their expertise in these areas, Unilogic creates modern solutions for their clients supply chain and logistics needs.

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