Fulfillment is the process or receiving, packing, and shipping orders. According to Entreprenuer.com, this is often associated with the growing e-commerce market. Smaller companies or startups often face challenges with this aspect of their supply chain processes. Quite often smaller organizations simply do not have the infrastructure to perform the fulfillment process efficiently.


Fulfillment Trends

There are said to be five distinctive trends that help better the fulfillment industry. Those five trends include real time data, larger marketplaces, countering costs, and emerging tech in warehouses. Real time data is one of the most important trends to focus on. The role of real time data will become increasingly more relevant as the need for connectivity continues to grow. In addition, it will begin to become an important aspect of many of the organizations processes. These processes can include the organization’s demand planning, order fulfillment, shipping execution processes and more.

With the needs of customers changing constantly, expectations for businesses change as well. There is an importance to understanding these needs, and Unilogic knows how to meet them for your customers. Another important aspect to note is the rise of new marketplaces. As the e-commerce market continues to exponentially rise, many accredits this to the number of online marketplaces. Industries fled to e-commerce when they realized they could drive more sales. Also, e-commerce made way to increase the overall number of customers businesses see. When companies expand from their brick-and-mortar stores to the online marketplace, they are allowing their products to become accessible to a larger number of customers. The largest benefit of this is reaching customers regardless of their location. The services Unilogic offers has the means to transform this area of your organization and meet a larger customer pool for you.

Unilogic’s Approach

Unilogic is a company that offers supply chain services both domestically and internationally. They offer fulfillment services that allow them to bridge the gap between companies and their customers. Their fulfillment services include a number of other sub-services as well. Such as storage, inventory management, pick and pack, shipping, and much more. As the industry grows, Unilogic plans to evolve their services along with it.

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