International Freight

International freight is cargo that is being shipped between somewhere in the United States to somewhere in a foreign country. International freight can also involve several foreign countries. International shipping can be done via air or by sea. Many factors play into the mode of transportation used, including, but not limited to the size and type of commodity being shipped.


International Market

There are a number of ways for international freight to be delivered. The most common ways are accomplished by rail, by roads, by air, and by water. According to the International Transport Forum, the most used international transport is by water. Although China sends out the most cargo, it is predicted that Asia and Africa will see the most growth in terms on the amount of international transport taking place. There are a number of different disruptions that affect the international trade market as a whole. For example, e-commerce, new trade routes, and high capacity vehicles seem to be the largest disruptions. These disruptions have the potential to impact the entire trade market. There is the possibility of changes in costs and activities, changes in trade patterns, and changes in infrastructure used for such shipments. The increase of the e-commerce market is forcing companies to ship to more locations than just their domestic countries. For example, many online stores are now offering shipping outside of the United States to countries like the UK and Australia.

Unilogic’s Approach

Unilogic provides services to both domestic and international companies. They not only offer certified services, but they think outside the box on how they can provide real solutions. Whether your products are going to multiple locations or just one, Unilogic offers transloading and transportation services to cover all your international shipping needs. In addition to this, Unilogic offers a variety of other supply chain services as well. The other services include storage, transloading, fulfillment, cross dock, and assembly and kitting. They dedicate themselves to finding the proper solution for you and your company.

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