LTL Freight Solutions

LTL (less than truckload) shipping is made up of smaller amounts of freight. LTL freight usually is less than 20,000 pounds and may take up to roughly about 4-20 feet of the trailer of a truck. LTL is a cost-effective mode of shipping as you can fit a larger number of shipments into one vehicle. When companies use LTL shipping, they only pay for the space that their cargo is taking up on the truck.

Unilogic is a lifeline for businesses across the globe that need supply chain and logistics services. With experience in transloading and transportation, Unilogic can offer solutions to their clients that make the transportation of their cargo work more flawlessly. This includes LTL shipping for startups or smaller companies. On top of this, Unilogic offers a variety of other services to aid in the supply chain processes.


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