Managed Transportation

Managed transportation services occur when freight and logistics are outsourced to logistic service providers. This happens when companies want to improve on the overall transportation of their organization. Usually third-party logistic providers take this over and handle all aspects of transportation. These include shipments, order planning, carrier management, and much more.


Modernized Transportation Services

When companies integrate modern transportation technology, they are not only creating a more managed transportation service, but also delivering a more strategic approach to shipping requirements. (According to Cerasis, today the new model of transportation empowers organizations that ship out goods). It does so by creating real partnerships between shippers and logistics service providers. This partnership includes a detailed combination of strategic planning, execution, and planning. The grouping of those ideas delivers a managed transportation service that only brings good to both the company and the logistics provider. This relationship is important because the company (or the shipper) knows their products better than anyone. However, the logistics provider knows the transportation industry better. When the two work together, they create the most efficient shipping processes possible. Throughout this efficiency, the company is able to better allocate their costs while remaining competitive in the market.

Unilogic’s Approach

Unilogic is a company that provides supply chain and logistics services to companies around the globe. Unilogic offers transportation services to their clients in a variety of ways. Unilogic offers intermodal dray, flatbed, dry van FTL, and LTL trucking services. Unilogic also offer services to properly store your products if you are in need of changing your mode of transportation. In addition to this, they offer a variety of other supply chain services. These services include storage, transloading, fulfillment, assembling and kitting, and cross dock. These services combine together to create the most efficient supply chain operations possible for your company.

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