Project Cargo & Break Bulk

Project cargo is used to describe transportation of large or valuable pieces of equipment. Products shipped this way usually arrive unassembled and requires assembly upon arrival of its destination. Break bulk is a term used to describe a type of cargo that is loaded individually rather than bulked into single large containers. Break bulk is a value-added service when components of the equipment needs to be stored individually.

The International Project Cargo Market

The Americas have always been known as the land for opportunity. This idea remains for the project cargo contractors of the world. The construction of new capital products is only strengthening this industry. In addition to this, there will be an increase in the market for breakbulk activity. The construction for new infrastructure in Canada remains in a good place and has a positive looking future. Related to this, a variety of breakbulk opportunities have arisen is South America as well. For example, this industry has seen increases in Brazil. In terms of the United States, theres said to be strong growth in renewables in regard to wind and solar. The number six ranked United States container port happens to be in Houston, TX.


Unilogic’s Approach

Unilogic provides services to both domestic and international companies. They have services for any type of supply chain or logistics need you may have. In regard to project cargo and break bulk, Unilogic offers a number of storage, transloading, and transportation solutions. Unilogic offers modernized and personalized approaches to your supply chain and logistics needs. In addition to this, Unilogic offers a variety of other supply chain services as well. The other services include fulfillment, cross dock, and assembly and kitting.They dedicate themselves to finding the proper solution for you and your company.

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