Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain is the network of activities involved in producing and distributing products for consumers. This process is made up of a variety of resources, steps, and employees. A supply chain is different for every corporation although there are some processes that are industry standard. These processes include focusing on materials, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and costumers. As companies evolve, the supply chain process must evolve as well. Otherwise, the company will not be capable of meeting the needs of its clients..


Supply Chain Management

According to Investopedia, supply chain management exists to control the production, shipment, and distributions of a product. When they are better managed, they run more efficiently and are able to cut out extra costs. This is a result of improved control of internal production and distribution. Usually, the supply chain manager (or SCM) coordinates the overall logistics of the processes. These parts usually include five main steps. Those include the plan, the source, the manufacturing, the delivery, and the return system. The main goal of the SCM is to keep costs low and to minimize shortages in all areas. The SCM also make recommendations that they believe could improve the productivity or efficiency of their logistic operations. They oversee every stage of a company’s product from creation to final sale.

Unilogic’s Approach

Unilogic focuses on the many steps of the supply chain and logistics processes and provides modernized solutions for them. We offer services in storage, transloading, transportation, cross dock, assembly and kitting, and fulfillment. Unilogic designs a creative and modern approaches to all SCM processes. We place importance on transparency with our partners and this sets us apart in the industry.

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