One of the biggest concerns for companies around the world is the amount of space needed to properly operate as an organization. As companies grow and need larger warehouse space, they are often faced either prohibitive warehouse leasing expenses or are forced to make do with their current storage capacity. This lessens a company’s overall efficiency and can compromise growth potential.

Functions of the Warehouse

Although storage is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing warehouse services, it is not the only one. There are a number of services that warehouses offer besides storage. Some of these can include site, distribution centers, pick and pack, subassembly, crossdocking, managed inventory, and fulfillment. All of which are parts in the supply chain and logistics processes that Unilogic handles for their clients on a daily basis. The labor activities at a warehouse also vary as well. Those activities include storage, purchasing of goods, inventory management, materials handling, protective packing and transportation.


Unilogic’s Approach

Unilogic is a leader in the supply chain market solving problems just as this for companies across the world. Unilogic can provide storage solutions for all types of organizations that allow them to have a more efficiently run company. In addition to this, Unilogic offers a variety of other supply chain services as well. The other services include storage, transloading, fulfillment, cross dock, and assembly and kitting. They pride themselves in the fact they have to ability to creatively meet the demands of their client’s customers. Unilogic is also constantly learning new ways to offer the most modern approaches for their clients.

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