International Supply Chain Disruptions

Disruptions are breakdowns in production that weaken the supply chain. Inefficiencies in this department, lead to slower production times. Therefore, customer satisfaction has the threat of decreasing as well. It is important to have certain plans set in place to account for changes in the economy. Currently, Apple is facing the possibility of such disruptions so it is important for them to begin to take action. Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy says that just one major hiccup in the organization can cause a large disruption in the processes

Apple’s Supply Chain Faces Severe Risks in China

The coronavirus outbreak is creating the risk of disturbances at Apple‘s manufacturing bases in China. Although these bases are not near the viruses main outbreak area, they are not immune to its affects. Apple has been increasing production to meet higher demand, so any disturbance will set them back. It is believed that the virus will not affect Apple’s normal end-of-year releases. However, Apple could start producing a low-cost iPhone in February. Interruptions from the virus outbreak could have an affect on the production of that phone. The government has hinted at closing factories down to prevent further infection. This is because the number of confirmed cases are continuing to rise. Another issue Apple faces is the flights they send staff on across the Pacific Ocean. If the virus puts a hold on travel, the research and development efforts from these trips could be negatively impacted.

Unilogic’s Approach To Lowering Disruptions

Unilogic has a modern approach to supply chain services. Unlogic created the changes that larger businesses were not ready to commit to. Those changes include increases in transparency, use of technology, and creative approaches to supply chain services. Unilogic helps businesses bridge the gap between them and their clients. The main solutions offered deal with storage, transloading, and fulfillment. However, Unilogic also focuses on cross dock, assembly/kitting, and transportation. Unilogic is confident in their ability to help their customers