E-Commerce Fulfillment Influences

As the rise of technology continues to develop, so will e-commerce fulfillment and customer expectations. Online purchasing decisions have evolved since the beginning of the internet. Changes in e-commerce continue to challenge organizations across the world. Effective processes, in terms of order fulfillment, are especially important today in the e-commerce industry. If companies are not leveraging on the fulfillment processes, they are at risk of falling short to competition. In order to keep competitive advantage in the online market, there are five trends that retailers should keep in mind.

Trends To Remain Competitive in E-Commerce Market

The five trends for retailers who want to remain competitive in the market include the rise of the marketplace, data, the opportunity for new technology, automation and robotics, and rising costs. With the rise of the e-commerce market has come new opportunties for retailers all over the world. According to eMarketer, this sales in this market are predicted to reach $6.5 trillion by 2023. In addition to this growth comes the increase of customer expectations in terms of their online experience. The exchange of data from consumers and suppliers has rapidly increased, and as the industry continues to grow it will require more real-time data than ever before. This includes analytics that help companies differentiate and understand the data to help with decision making.

With a rise in technology comes the opportunity to use new technologies in the workplace that help make the processes more efficient. For example, augmented reality is a technology thats becoming more accepted throughout the industry. Automation and robotics is also a huge factor in regard to the growing e-commerce industry. While some believe robots will replace humans, they are still only used as assistents to employees. While they substantially increase productivity in the industry, automation and robotics do not eliminate the need for human effort, not in the near future anyways. Lastly, the rising marketplace costs are continuing to effect the e-commerce industry. When companies improve their overall logistics, it will put them in better positions to face the rise of costs in the market now and in the future.

It is imperative for companies to consider these trends in order to remain successful and sustain competetive advantage over their competitors.

Unilogic’s Modern Approach

Unilogic offers a variety of supply chain and logistic services that take all of these e-commerce trends into consideration. Unilogic’s services include storage, transloading, fulfillment, cross dock, assembly/kitting, and transportation. Unilogic prides themselves on being able to offer modern solutions to modern supply chain needs. Companies today struggle with having the necessary physical space to store products or the infrastructure to directly manage their inventory. Unilogic understands these fulfillment issues, and offers solutions to combat them.