Modern Supply Chains

The formula for businesses supply to meet their demand has been a simple one for years. Supply chains have had to stay modern in order to keep up with the booming technology industry. New consumption channels appear almost constantly all while consumer preferences change rapidly.

The Age of Social Media

Social media continues to change the way businesses around the world operate. The traditional demand shaping strategies of advertising and pricing promotions no longer are the main concern. The people involved in supply chain management (SCM) have to focus more on viral moments and influencer endoursement rather than those traditional activities. For example, the hard seltzer brand White Claw’s supply chain firsthand felt the effect of viral moments. The brand soared to internet fame and were the subject of a number of viral memes. Due to the quick popularity the brand was not able to keep up to their immediate increase in demand. Another example is the chicken sandwich twitter fued between Chick-Fil-A and Popeye’s. This lead to a huge increase in demand in regard to sandwiches for Popeye’s and they were not able to keep up.

Companies struggle to keep up with this new evolving world of social media. Companies risk losing losing market share if they are not able to keep up with the evolving world of social media. The global supply chains president of Anaplan, Evan Quasney, says that “Not only do supply chains need to quickly adapt to changing business conditions, today they must be agile enough to respond to demand spikes from a viral tweet or to manage an influx of returned product following a bad influencer review.” When companies make decisions with a connected supply chain approach, they are better prepared for the unknown possibilities that come from social media. This approach to social media can bring added value to businesses supply chains.

Unilogic’s Approach to SCM

Unilogic offers supply chain services to organizations both domestically and internationally. They pride themselves on being able to offer unique and modernized solutions to all of their clients. Unilogic continues to research and update their equipment to make sure they are able to respond quickly to changes in trends, market fluctuations, opportunities and more. They offer services in storage, transloading, fulfillment, cross dock, assembly and kitting, and and transportation. Unilogic is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to increase efficiency. They are constantly coming up with creative supply chain solutions for their clients.