3 Technology Advancements in the Supply Chain World

What’s coming? Here’s just peak at some of the innovate changes hitting small and large scale supply chain industries.

1. Delivery drones. UPS and CVS are already on track to go live with a Florida retirement community to deliver prescription medicine. The benefits are obvious: less exposure for drivers, time and resource efficiency as well as lower shipping costs. Wing, an alphabet delivery company, is also seeing an increase in demand for drone deliveries at their testing sites in the US and Australia.

2. Autonomous vehicles. The Mayo Clinic announced 2 months ago that it would begging mobilizing COVID19 tests from testing sites to its labs via self driving shuttles. Again, less exposure and higher efficiency.

3. Robotics solutions. From the heart of the supply chain process to actual in-store monitoring – more and more retailers are looking for partners who rely on robotic solutions or, in-turn, using them for their current markets. Some grocers are already testing robotic solutions straight out of warehouses to attend to customers.

All in all, the supply chain world is advancing rapidly following the disruptions of the pandemic. The benefit is for all parties involved and Unilogic is proud to be on the forefront of that.

What other changes do you foresee coming? There are many more to be sure.