All eyes were on the supply chain at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic as shelves were bare and PPE was in dire need

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Unilogic, a supply chain services company, knew this was their opportunity to prove themselves. As a lifeline to many industries across the globe, I was curious to know what kind of impact COVID has had on them. I had the honor to virtually interview CEO and Co-founder of Unilogic, Jon Sala. With over 19 years of international management experience I was eager to discuss if COVID had hit their industry as hard as it has others.

Mr. Sala, tell me about the impact COVID-19 has had on your industry.

Jon Sala: We have been fortunate, most parts of supply chain never stopped. An example of this is PPE gear being imported from China as well as construction materials.  We were able to fill a vital role by performing transloads of these commodities. Some commodities and areas have certainly felt the impact and some others have not. With regards to transportation, an area that has been certainly been impacted is freight logistics. Rates have increased substantially as owners and operators have the last word  on what they will charge and what they will agree to move.

You have multiple facilities which means more people to keep safe. What extra safety precautions are you taking to keep clients and employees safe? 

JS: A major adjustment that we implemented was to have more than 50% of our employees work from home. This was no minor feat as many of these employees pre-pandemic worked from our offices. In addition, we have implemented many safety precautions to protect our employees that must physically work in our facilities, such as our warehouse and operations staff. Temperature checks are performed upon arrival, masks are worn at all times and we emphasize as a policy handwashing and sanitizing throughout the day. Also, as part of our covid-19 protocols employees go through and sign-off on a daily health questionnaire/screening.  To continue catering to the needs of our clients, we conduct virtual meetings, however,  if they would like an on-site visit, processes are in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We are confident these safety measures have kept us safe for this long and we will continue to practice them.

It’s been a trying year, what lessons have you learned both personally and about your business during this pandemic? 

JS: We have learned that our industry is crucial to making the world go round. We provide  necessary goods and essential products to the community especially during hard times such as this pandemic. We’ve learned that while we can live without the restaurants, shopping and tourism we cannot live without what logistics provides.

You’re absolutely right, why should clientele use you know despite everything that’s going on? 

JS: We have proven that Unilogic is very sound and well structured. We are thriving and growing amidst the pandemic, something not many companies can say. We have hired and added more employees to our offices and warehouses and continue to grow our team. While other companies have had to shut down, Unilogic has persisted. We have taken the necessary measures to protect our employees and clients. Unilogic is also very aware of what we need to do to protect our client’s business. We pride ourselves on being transparent and excellent communicators, something all of our clients appreciate.

So, what makes Unilogic unique, better and essential in comparison to other competitors? 

JS: We are an ideas company. Our staff takes our clients business very seriously and we consider ourselves partners. Our clients are always our first priority and we strive for excellence in every facet of the company. Unilogic is a technology oriented company, using state of the art technology systems to ensure all of our client’s needs are being met effectively and efficiently. Our time management skills are another area in which we pride ourselves. Our response time to our customers is no more than one hour from the creation of an inquiry. It does not matter if the company is a small startup a large established company, we treat every client exactly the same, always giving them our all.

You mentioned you are hiring, why would someone want to work at Unilogic?

JS: Our company culture is very appealing in that we have tremendous respect for all of our employees. We consider our employees to be our clients as well and we prioritize their needs and health. Unilogic is currently in the processes of expanding in both Chicago and California. We want to hire staff who will to grow with us and see who see themselves as a part of Unilogic in their personal long-term plans. Unilogic always looks to promote from within and we take great pride and satisfaction as we see our own employees rise through the company ranks.

Speaking of expanding, what is the 2021 game plan for Unilogic? 

JS: The big plans for 2021 focus around warehousing. We plan to consolidate our Chicago operations and in the process  triple our volume. In order to do that, we plan to focus on cross-docking and transloading services as well as fulfillment. As I mentioned, we have the opportunity to triple volumes, add more services, and more shifts in our 3 warehouses. That is the name of the game for 2021. Beyond 2021 we plan to focus on e-commerce.

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