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Unilogic dominates global supply chain solutions

Our mission statement is, “Unilogic is a leader in the supply chain market helping international and domestic enterprises with holistic solutions to become the most efficient and adequate bridge between them and their clients.  Through their experienced staff, Unilogic helps develop and improve its customers’ procedural and organizational systems by translating and transforming business strategies into results.” 

While we can come up with a solution for any supply chain management problem, some of our services already offered include:


Whether you are an Amazon FBA/FBM vendor or a logistics company transloading containers going from rail to air – we have the storage solutions you need. Unilogic has the experience and skills necessary to tackle any storage job that comes our way.

cargo truck


Transloading means options. Options mean the power over your scheduling and financial goals as we prepare your cargo for its next stop and/or final delivery.


Fulfillment requires speed and efficiency. A modern industry requires a modern solution. We will help you with storage, inventory management, pick and pack, shipping and more.

Cross Dock 

Have material headed to different destinations? Or have cargo coming from multiple places that needs combining with little to no storage? We can help you with exactly that. Cross-docking not only reduces material handling but it reduces the need to store products in the warehouse.


We can help ensure you maximize your shipping efficiency with our assembly/kitting services as we offer you the option to assembly or kit any of your material.Kitting and assembly services are beneficial for companies that are looking to streamline their supply chains and warehouse processes, especially in industries where the product output and demand tend to fluctuate.


Our trucking services include Intermodal Dray, Flatbed, Dry Van FTL and LTL. Whatever your needs to and from our warehouse – we’re prepared to help get it on the road as needed.

Animal Feed Case Study 

While COVID-19 has impacted nearly every industry, it didn’t stop at agriculture.The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Guidance deemed pet and animal feed processing facilities as well as firms that support food, feed and beverage distribution as essential critical sectors of the Infrastructure Workforce.

Just like humans, animals have special dietary needs to keep their bodies functioning well. Maintaining good animal health is of major importance to livestock breeders.  This is important for products derived from animals that are consumed by humans such as eggs, milk and meat.  These products take on even greater importance as preserving health is of utmost importance in the nation’s collective efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

Unilogic has as a client company that is a leader in providing innovative, sustainable and result driven solutions to Indian agriculture and agribusiness.  Distilled Fatty Acid is a key additive in their animal feed products imported to the U.S. market.  Time efficient streamlining of the import process and maximizing payload capacity of the shipments are two primary concerns and challenges.

The Unilogic Solution

Unilogic’s team of experts tailored an import solution that maximizes overweight dray capacities to increase the 40’ ocean container payloads to 55,000 lbs. Unilogic seamlessly provides dray, devanning, storage and fulfills and processes outbound orders so that this essential commodity is delivered timely to buyers in neighboring states. This is one of the examples of why we consider ourselves essential during these challenging times.

Unilogic means we approach every one of our clients and their needs individually and as creatively as possible.We take an innovative approach tempered by experience, training and technology to come up with the best solutions. Unilogic is here to solve your supply chain problems.

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